Terms and Conditions

  1. A member should be prepared to respond as much as possible to the correspondence processes carried out by the association authorities within a short time.
  2. A member should act with his/her best to establish and extend the association.
  3. A member should respect and abide by the association’s rules, procedures and other requirements.
  4. A member should respect the cultures, nationalities and opinions of every association member.
  5. A complementary or discounted membership is valid only for the “Joining Year”. The member then has to pay a regular fee to renew the membership annually.
  6. The members are eligible to get certificates through the association.
  7. The members are eligible to get for complementary or discounted membership only if the following conditions are fulfilled,
  • Actively and regular contribution to the events and activities organized by the association.
  • Engage to take new members to the association.
  • Actively contribute the social media promotions of association activities.
  • Assist members in activities linked to the association organized in your country.
  1. A member should make an effort to attend all the meetings organized by the association in the form of physically or practically which are of importance.
  2. A member should communicate the challenges, issues or other forms of inconveniences related to the executions and implementation of the association.
  3. The members are entitled to use the benefits listed on the association website by performing the above-mentioned duties, adhering to and complying with the rules and regulations defined and enforced by the association authorities while acting responsibly.