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With INMC Academy, we assist you to navigate your research journey in the field of media and communication studies. You could find e-learning modules developed by experts in the relevant areas.

Objectives of INMC Academy

  • Master essential skills and knowledge in the field of media and communication studies.
  • Learn from the research experts.
  • Make your research stand out and obtain exposure to academic field.

INMC Academy provides free access to e-learning resources designed to support your research journey. Please check the following module catalogue to uncover a world of knowledge and earn certificates as you progress.

Webinar series

Module 01:

Date:        May 25, 2021

Time:        CET 9.00 am-11.00 am (GMT 7:00 am- 9:00 am) / IST 12.30 pm-2.30 pm

Speaker:  Professor Dr. Andrea Volterrani (University of Rome Tor Vergata, Italy)

Topic    :   Community development and communication

Language: English

The webinar will focus on the relationship between social development of communities and communication in the era of deep mediatization. (Hepp, 2020, Couldry and Hepp 2017). The theoretical approach and methodological perspective used will refer to urban media and practices and the mediated construction of social reality (Blockland, 2017; Couldry, 2004; 2012; Couldry and Hepp, 2017; Stephansen and Trerè, 2020).

Particular attention will be paid to the intertwining of communication processes and people’s daily lives (Hepp 2015; 2020), with the aim of generating engagement and new forms of active citizen participation. Five types of communication will be presented in an educommunication perspective (Barbas, 2020; Freire, 1970), whereby citizens of communities become protagonists and co-constructors of relational, territorial and digital development processes.

Module 02:

Topic: Migration and Media
Speaker: Assistant Professor Dr. Tülây ATAY & Dr. Aysun Yaşar (Hatay Mustafa Kemal University & Mersin University)
Time: CEST 3.00 PM / IST 6.30 PM, GMT
Date: June 01, 2021


Dr Atay and Dr Yasar will be sharing their perspectives on the German and Turkish media as well as their own immigration experiences. Turkish citizens were welcomed to Germany 60 years ago as guest workers and Syrian citizens were taken into shelter in Turkey 10 years ago. Turkish media called Syrians as «guests», too. In this webinar Dr Atay and Dr Yasar will focus on similarities of the two cases.

How to catch Fake

Module 03:

Topic:  How to catch Fake/Predatory/Cloned Journals in Academics
Speaker: Dr. Sumit Narula (Amity University Gwalior, India)
Time: IST 11.00 a.m / CET 7.30 a.m
Date: 07th June, 2021



Academic publishing has changed tremendously with the spread of open access journals and the shift to online publishing. There are now more journals for authors to publish their work in than ever before. This benefits authors by providing more avenues for publication but also puts greater responsibility on them to avoid the serious threat of publishing in a predatory journal. Every scholar wants to publish their work in internationally recognized journals but often fall into the trap of predatory/fake or cloned journals. This module will give you the knowledge of how to catch Fake/Predatory/Cloned Journals in Academics.

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How to catch Fake

Module 04:

Topic: Research Methods in Film Studies
Speaker: Associate Professor Dr Wang Changsong (Xiamen University Malaysia, Malaysia)
Time: 7:00 am GMT / IST 12.30 p.m / CET 9.00 a.m
Date: June 14, 2021
Language: English


This module generally briefs the research methods in Film Studies. Film Studies has also examined the relationship between film and society, by contemplating issues such as race and gender, the on- and off-screen construction of stardom, the association between cinema, ideology and propaganda, and the way in which films mirror and shape national and transnational identities.

How to catch Fake

Module 05:

Topic: Digital inclusion in HEIs: the way forward Digital commons in the education: Quality education to All
Speaker: Dr. Durgesh Tripathi
Time: 7:00 am GMT / IST 12.30 pm / CET 9.00 a.m
Date: 21st June 2021
Language: English